Witnessing the massive adoption of consumer data services and the forecasted evolution of operator network technologies, we saw an unprecedented opportunity for operators to significantly improve their businesses by answering questions on how data is consumed.

Today, we provide a robust big data analytics solution for operators that delivers immediate, actionable, 360° insights on subscriber data behavior (web, application, location, audio, video, VoIP, and more). Operators use this information to significantly improve their business in areas such as marketing, third party data monetization, network and customer care. Our solutions are laser focused on generating new revenues, reducing expenses and improving customer satisfaction, all while allowing operators to fully comply with subscriber privacy policies.

Operator Focused In Everything We Do

Zettics is a telco-grade company in all aspects of our operations. Every employee, from engineering to account management, has either worked with or at operators. We incorporate the magnitude of an operator’s business goals, privacy considerations, and technology decisions into everything we do.

“As one of a select few vendors providing realtime analytics into customer profile and preferences, Zettics is strongly positioned to become the Big Data analytics provider of choice among telcos”

Shagun Bali, Analyst, Ovum

Zetta data

As of the end of August 2015, Zettics has processed


It’s All In The Name

Zettics is our unique combination of Zetta, the metric prefix of 1021 (1 billion trillion), in other words a really large number, and Analytics, the discovery and communication of meaningful patterns in data.

Technology and business excellence

We are passionate about delivering best in class solutions. Our patented technology delivers data for critical systems such as care, CRM, network and marketing that operators rely on for daily business operations.

We are proud to have our efforts recognized with awards such as the Red Herring Top 100 North America.


Our Investors








Zettics is backed by North Bridge Venture Partners, Voyager Capital, Steamboat Ventures, Emergence Capital, Excelestar Ventures, DRW Trading Group and Jump Capital.

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